Quick reply system


Quick reply system can help you to send the greeting words in the first time when you are in a chat with the visitor; and you can answer the frequent questions of the visitor very fast by setting the answers into Quick reply list. This is one of the core function of LiveReception, saving a lot of time of the receptionist. Now let's see how to use this function.

        Option---Quick reply settings


        The window of Quick reply settings shows up.

        You can double click a reply or a directory to edit it. Or choose a reply or a directory and click Edit button below.


        When you need new directories and replies, please do as follows.

        Add a new directory.


        Add a new response.


        Change the position of response and directory by moving up and down.


        OK! Now let's start over again.

        We are going to add a new directory "start reception"?.

        And add a new response "Reception 1" under the directory.


        It works...


        There is another way to add response and directory.


        It works ...