Change User Name and Friendly Name

When you are recepting a visitor, he can see your friendly name in the visitor's live chat window. If you never set your friendly name, the visitor can see your name 000. How to change 000 or 111 into your favorite name? Let's get it done now.

        From the chat window, we can see the receptionist's name


        Operation procedure: Personal Setting --- Change Login Name and Password

        Complete setting your new login name and passwords


        It worlks. Now from the visitor's chat window we can see the modified receptionist's name.


        But this is not the best way.

        Login name can be displayed in the chat window only when you didn't set the friendly name.

        Friendly name doesn't change your login name when you are logging in.

        Friendly name is jsut the name you want to show to the visitor.

        Operation procedure: Personal Setting --- Set up friendly name


        Then the interface of setting Friendly name of operator will show up.


        After the setting, let's see if it works in the chat window.

        Now the login name is Edmond, and friendly name is Alexander.