Parameter Setting --- Dialog Setting

Visitor Information Collecting Interface


        Operator can decide whether to give a chatting visitor a information collecting interface.


        The information collect interface shows up when the visitor enters the chat window.

        As the image below. The info collecting page may ask the visitor to fill in with some information.

        Visitor can choose to skip this step by click Start chatting button, or close the whole chat window by click Close button.


        The way to set visitor information collecting interface:

        Option -- Parameter Setting -- Dialog -- Visitor information collect

        There are 3 sub settings.

        The first one, as the image below, is to decide to display info collect interface or not.

        Please choose Modal form or Page if you need info collect page to display.

        We here take Modal form for exaple.


        After the above setting, pls enter the third sub setting, Customize control.

        This setting is to customize the information list. This is important.

        Click Add button to create a new item. There will be a control edit tool.


        Now we input Your phone number in the label content.


        And we can also set the attribute of the label. Click the dropdown button and there is a menu.

        Now we take textbox (Row) for example.


        Here we edited 3 items, we can tell from the image below. They are Your name, Your phone number and are you a user? .

        Please consult the first image in this page.

        We can create many labels but we don't recommend you to do that. Visitor may get bored.

        Remember to Save.


        After above setting, let's click the second sub setting: Prologue/closing remarks.

        The upper part will be the prologue in info collect interface. The lower part will be the closing remarks.

        Please consult the first image in this page.


        After editing, let's have a look at its effect.


        The information that visitor fills in info collect interface will be shown in "Detail" in main interface.