Change Floating Icons

        When you are using LiveReception on your website, there will be a live chat icon.

        Maybe you don't like the system default chat icon. Now let's see how to change it.

        Here we go. Option --- Floating Icon settings.


        Now we are in Floating Icon settings interface.

        Notice: this step is to set the receptionist on-line chat icon.


        A webpage containing a lot of icons will show up.


        Choose one, and switch back to Floating Icon interface.


        Then we proceed. Set the off-line icon.


        Choose one.


        Switch back to Floating Icon settings interface.


        Look, the icon on the webpage changed into the one we chose.


        If you like none of our icons, you can choose your own picture as the icon.

        A window will show up for choosing a local picture.


        Complete the off-line icon setting as well. Don't forget to save your settings.


        The new local icons are working on webpage.


        The settings are done.

            Now let's see the functions of other settings on Floating Icon interface.