Operator can check his LiveReception service information in License.


        Click License button in the main menu.


The information in above image is as follows:

Version:                                                                                               LiveReception version number

Authorized Site:                                                                            Website URL authorized by LiveReception.

Website ID: LEF26961123                                                                                  LiveReception login website ID

Valid Period: 2012-08-14 to 2013-09-05 147 days to expiration                         LiveReception service period.

Maxinum Simutaneous On-line Operators: 4 person                                           Refers to 4 seats (licenses).

Seat (license) refers to the maxim number of operators online simutaneously. For example, you have 5 operator accounts, but you need 2 operator online at most. So you need 2 seats (licenses).