Comprehensive functions

Introduction of main interface Install LiveReception History record system
Function test Edit and rename visitor Handle offline message
Accept visitor's chat request Initial invitation Login status
Internal chat Transfer documents Transfer chat
Direct chat Compulsory chat License
How to start a trial use Language option explanation Invitation customization




         System option

Quick reply system Floating icon setting Edit invitation contents
Change chat window contents Ser departments and operators HTML code system
Parameter settings:    
     Dialog setting    
              Chat window title         Chat window buttons Operator offline hint
              Offline message setting         Chat rating setting Direct chat prologue setting
              Auto prologue setting         Department list setting Chat window fonts color
              Service count down         Side advertisement Offline message tip
              Visitor info collect         Chat overtime remind Chat window skin
     Invitation setting    
              Auto invitation setting         Quick invitation Invitation interface
              Invitation parameter    
           Robot system setting    




        Personal settings

Change login name and friendly name Preference settings Reminding system
Push frequently sending webpages Block and unblock visitor Filter visitors
Automatical greeting words System backup and restore Manage my contact
Change user interface language    


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