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Four editions:
Primary edition
Professional edition
Enterprise edition
Self-Server Version
We admit you to install our network service (Web Service) software on your server
We authorize you to pass your server as your own website provides the network the service
All data is on your own server, and can be then appropriate conservancy
It can be free to try out, and we provide complete technique support.
There is no restrict to the function, and update service is free.

How to Become a Partner

LiveReception is continually seeking partnerships with complementary businesses and service providers. If you are a website designer, host provider, or software vendor, LiveReception is ready and able to meet your clients' live support needs.

There are about 10 million websites worldwide. According to recent studies, only a few percent of these sites provide any kind of real-time customer support service. While phone support is much expensive than online chat support

LiveReception is a sensible customer support tool. That's why we encourage anyone to participate in our partnership program. We rely on our partners in distributing this service around the world, bringing online customer service to a new level.

LiveReception partnership model is very uncomplicated and simple to sign up for. You are automatically subscribed as affiliate when you create account with us.

You can sign up for a free trial account, and use this account for affiliate tracking. LiveReception has convenient built-in tools to easily monitor the number of subscribers referred by you.


Three ways to Cooperate & Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

Through the following three ways of cooperating, agent has the right to develop marketing in the name of "LR" agent in a promised territory, and has a protected period when he opens a trial account for the user, while the differences are as follows:

Cooperate as an ordinary sales agent.

The protected period is 7 days. The agent has a favorable purchasing price. The agent has no right to develop subordinate agents.

Cooperate as a key sales agent. The protected period is 14 days. The agent has the much favorable purchasing price. The agent has the right to develop odinary agents in the agent territory and Zoos Company should not develop other ordinary agents or key sales agent in the agent territory

Cooperate as a country sale agent.

The protected period is 14 days. The agent has the most favorable purchasing price of the three kinds of sales agents.This kind of agent can control whole national market.The agent has the right to develop subordinate agents and Zoos Company should not develop any other kinds agent in country sales agent territory.

LiveReception has a generous affiliate program that doesn't end with the first payment. As an affiliate, you should pay the first subscription payment of your own accounts and will be deducted as product purchase value in the future. Afterward, you will have a favorable price of the software using right and a presented software using right of one operator for administration. If the money in your account is deducted out, you can recharge.

Payment Methods
Pay us through bank remittance and after we receive the money we will deposit it into your agent account. Any questions please feel free to contract our online operator.


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