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SSL 128 bit Encryption

Secured your live chat,preventing unauthorized parties from reading your live chat conversations.
New Visitor Alert

You'll get the alert when the new visitor comes to your website.
Real Time Monitor Visitor Footprint

Real time monitoring each visitor's browsing footprint. You can know the visitor's needs from this monitor.
Trace Referral Site

Trace each visitor coming from which referral site, through which search keywords and search engine.
Online Visitor List

You'll get the alert when a new visitor comes to your website.
Push Invitation

Push the invitation box on the visitor's browser. It can make you directly contact your potential customers.
Live Chat Window

The Live Chat Window supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.
The language of chat window is auto-changed by visitor's default language.
Offline Message Box

When you logged out of the program, the chat window will be redirect to the Offline Message Box.
After you login again, you'll receive the alert of new offline message.
Canned Response List

You can pre-input the default answer in the Canned Response List. Then you can fast answer your visitors' enquiries.

Visitors can choose the department to their needs from Multi Departments.
Operator Permission Setting

You can Add/Edit/Del operator login name and password. And you can setup the permission of each operator.
Internal Chat

You can chat with other operators in the same website ID.TO improve the communication between operators and make sure they will provide a better service for the costermers.
Rename Visitor

You can rename the visitor to identify the old customer.
Visitor Detail Information

You can know each visitor's detail information including IP address, location and the computer setting.
Visitor Detail Information Banner of Chat Window

You can customize the banner of Chat Window to show your company logo or promotion campaign.
Define the category of visitor
Define the category of visitor to classify the different visitor quality.
Message History

You can check the message history and get the report of the chat statistic.
Customize Button

You can design a LiveReception Button to meet your website design. The floating icon can be designed into Multi-language including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. The language button is auto-changed by visitor's computer language.

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