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E-Commerce Website Without Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
E-Commerce Website With Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
  Key benefits of Using LiveReception for Real Estate companies

Saved Travel Time
Online interaction allows real estate companies to show potential buyers lists that meet their specifications without having to drive them all over town.

Chat with Website Visitors from Any Location
Real estate agents spend a lot of time at out doors. LiveReception can be used by real estate agents wherever are. LiveReception can be run on any PC,whereever connected to the internet.

Show Potential Buyers Properties during Live Chat
LiveReception increases the benfit of live chat with advanced features such as the webpage "push" feature. This feature allows Real estate companies to make specific pages containing lists appear in the visitor's browser during a live chat.

Website Monitoring
Real estate companies can monitor the company site for chat requests from anywhere, anytime - during hosting an open house.
Real-Time Live Monitoring, Transferring and Instant Messaging
LiveReception allows real-time live monitoring of visitor traffic on the company website. Operators can transfer chats to other operators that are better able to answer specific questions, or they can invite other agents into the current chat.

Canned response for operator
LiveReception has a function named canned response that can help operators to improve their online service efficiency. With canned response, operator can chat with many visitors at the same time by send them the canned response if they ask some similar questions or greeting to them.
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