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E-Commerce Website With Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
E-Commerce Website Without Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
  Key Benefits of Using LiveReport on Educational Institution Websites

Efficient Staff Multitasking
One operator can assist several students at the same time, the telephone material costs will be dramatically decreased via using LiveReception.

Increased Student Enrollment
Recruiters can monitor the university website and cultivate interest in prospective students by proactively inviting them to chat.

Simple Operator Interface
The intuitionistic, easy-to-use operator console can be quickly learned by everyday users. LiveReception does not require a computer science degree or even a continuing education course to figure out how to use it!

Canned Response
Canned answers save time by giving instant responses to common questions such as "Who can I complain to about my parking ticket?" Answering such questions in a chat session is much faster than staff taking telephone call.

Personalize the Chat Experience for Each Department
Each department can customize the appearance of its chat window with a logo. Chat window may be customized to reflect school colors, logo, etc. Greetings and system messages may also be changed to suit the department.

Better Promote and Market Your Institution
Real-time monitoring also helps your schools' recruitment department by showing them from where your website visitors are originating. This gives recruiters knowledge of what works and what does not in advertising for the school. In order to utilize advertising cost better .This information gives them the opportunity to adjust any pay search engine promotions quickly to attract prospective students better.
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