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E-Commerce Website With Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
E-Commerce Website Without Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
  Key benefits of Using LiveReception in Pharmaceutical Sales

Real-time Answers to Urgent Questions
Quickly answer questions for potential customers who don't have time to wait for a later response.

Efficient Information Exchange
Direct your customers' browsers to specific pages with detailed drug information or to drug manufacturer home pages.

Improved Agent Multitasking
One operator may assist several online visitors at the same time, which decreases customer's waiting time.

Fast and Efficient Communication
LiveReception facilitates transferable chats and operator-to-operator chats for additional help.

Improve Inter-Pharmacy Communication
If an operator needs assistance or needs to ask an available physician for assistance, he or she may invite this person into the chat. Transcripts of all chats are automatically saved for training purposes or as later verification that the correct information was given out. The system also allows customers to request transcripts of their chats with your operators.
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