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E-Commerce Website With Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
E-Commerce Website Without Live Recption Live Chat Enabled
  Key benefits of Using LiveReception in E-Commerce

Increased Sales
Real-time website visitor interaction adds a live sales person to your static retail website.

Marketing Tool
Information from website monitoring helps with the improvement of marketing strategies.

Fast and Efficient Communication
LiveReception facilitates operator-to-operator chats for additional sales assistance.

Cost less While Providing More Efficient Service
LiveReception enables one operator to help several customers at the same time, so fewer sales and customer service representatives are needed to perform the same job. Live chat service is affordable, even for small businesses.

Increase Conversion Rates
Market research has shown that conversion rates are higher for customers that are able to interact via live chat while visiting a website. Visitors are much more likely to click a live assistance button and request assistance than look up a phone number and call. Internet technology has raised customer expectations. They want answers right away, and if they're online via a single line modem connection, they're not likely take the trouble to disconnect and call.

Improve Communication
The operator-to-operator chat invitation feature of LiveReception allows for private company-wide communication. Operators can chat with each other, invite other operators to assist in answering a customer's question, or transfer a chat to other operators. This background communication is transparent.
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